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     We offer a complete line of retail meats - from t-bones, sirloins, and pork chops
     to ground beef and sausage. 
(View a complete product listing below.)
     Our specialty items include:
     Polish sausage, summer sausage, beef sticks,
     beef jerky in pepper or teriyaki flavors, salami,
     ring bologna, bacon, hams, and dried beef.


     Our cut sheets allow for customized orders -
     selecting the thickness of your cuts, to the size
     of your packages.
  Lohrville Locker BEEF Processing...
 • Side of Beef (@ 400# avg.)  • Quarter of Beef (@ 200# avg.)
 • Whole Muscle Beef Jerky  • Whole Choice Rib Eye Loin
 • Whole Choice Top Sirloin  • Choice T-Bone Steak
 • Choice New York Strip Steak  • Choice Beef Tenderloin (Filet Mignon)
 • Choice Rib Eye Steak  • Choice Top Sirloin Steak
 • 1/4# Ground Beef Patties  • Tenderized Round Steak
 • Ground Beef Chuck  • Round Steak
 • Minute Steak (4 per pkg.)  • Boneless Chuck Roast
 • Dried Beef  • Rolled Rump Roast
 • Beef Stew Meat  • Beef Soup Bones


  Lohrville Locker PORK Processing...
 • Hickory Smoked & Cured
 • Bone In Hams
 • Sandwich Ham  • Ham Steak
 • Windsor Chop
 • (Hickory Smoked Pork Chop)
 • Hickory Smoked Bacon  • Ring Bologna
 • Regular Brats  • Flavored Brats:
    featuring Pineapple, Cajun,
    Jalapeρo Cheese or Mild Cheddar
 • Whole Bone In Pork Loin
 • Whole Boneless  Pork Loin  • Whole Boneless Seasoned
 • Pork Loin
 • Iowa Pork Chop
 • Center Cut Pork Chop  • Butterfly Pork Chop  • Tenderized Pork Loins
 • (4 per pkg.)
 • Pork Shoulder Steak  • Seasoned Boneless
 • Pork Loin Roast
 • Pork Country Style Ribs
 • Ground Pork - 1# pkg.  • Pork Sausage - 1# pkg.  • Italian Sausage
 • 1/4# Seasoned Pork Patties  • 1/3# BBQ Seasoned Pork Patties    
Lohrville Locker VENISON Processing...
Why risk taking your deer anywhere else?  Bring it to Lohrville Locker Service and let us do it right! 
We pride ourselves on providing superior quality and taste in all our products.
When you bring your deer to Lohrville Locker, we use our most popular recipes in processing the meat.
An additional feature is that all of our sticks, ring bologna, dried deer and jerky come vacuumed packaged,
ensuring freshness and making storage a breeze!
To name a few of our customer favorites; summer sausage, seasoned jerky, salami, dried deer sticks,
and our flavored bratwurst top the list.  Please give us a call today, and we'll be glad to assist you!

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